Bavarian wedding

This June I was invited to Germany to shoot the wedding of Marina and Alexander, it happened in Bavarian Alps, close to Munich. I was very excited to see how Bavarians celebrate a special day and loved it very much :))) Enjoy the photos and the story 🙂

Early in the morning (in this case it was at 6:30) groom’s neighbors and family make noise to wake up the groom. He comes to the crown , they eat sausages together…

Then, the preparation starts…

Ready for a wedding “journey”…
The bride is at another location…

The ceremony happened in St. Quirinus Abbey Church in Tegernsee, beautiful place!

Following Champagne reception and Brotzeit lunch 🙂

In the middle of the lunch I managed to steal the couple for a short photo shot, actually only 20 minutes because of the tough schedule… We were happy, it was not raining!

Then, we went by cars to the lake Schliersee… where we were supposed to take the ferry to the island Wörth.

Arriving and received by a music band…

… following a traditional running game…

And, then, what a surprise, the bride is stolen… And the groom with all guests tries to find her.

When he does, we arrive at a new location, where the bride is dressed in the same funny way as the groom during searching… And, the Bavarian “Weinstube” begins (Wine room), it is the first party highlight. Here people have an opportunity to dance and pre-party with live music. According to the Bavarian tradition the gentlemen invite ladies for wine at own cost.

Lately, the “usual” reception started, we moved again to a new location 🙂

Me with a Bavarian guy… Well, I should have posed with all of them in the next picture… Their costumes are so cool!

And, of course, the dance and cake!The End 🙂

Thanks to Marina and Alexander for a wonderful opportunity to spend their special day with them, breath the air of the Bavarian Alps and meet open and crazy Bavarian people 🙂

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2 Responses to Bavarian wedding

  1. Как всегда здорово, Иришкин! Отлично передала настроение! 🙂

  2. Спасибо большое, Светик! Как всегда, очень приятно 🙂

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