Ma’Lama collection

Recently, I took photos of glamorous and sweet Ma’Lama collection. Beautiful gloves and shawls are made by Latvian artists, and could be easily worn with nearly anything: from a cocktail dress to your favourite leather jacket. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Ma’Lama collection

  1. O.R. says:

    bjutifulj :-)!

  2. Jelena Krasnyakova says:

    Veri nais. Ju a veri talanted! ))))

  3. Annika Tovedal says:

    Dear Irina, my name is Annika Tovedal and I live in Sweden. In spring 2012 I met the woman who make the Ma´Lama collection (Maragarita?) in Riga and bought some of her handicrafts . I have tried to find her e-mail adress on internet but failed. Could you possible send me her contact details? I am interested in buy some more.
    Best Regards

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